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Product Disclaimer

The information about our products as available, is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. These products is intended as an introduction to value addition of life through supplements. Our products aim at maintaining holistic balance in body and immunity level but are no way substitute of physicians’ diagnosis. We are not medical professionals or researchers and we cannot prescribe what product can cure your disease. We cannot answer medical questions to prescribe cures, treatment or to guess what is hurting you. All products of the company should be consumed wisely, for general consumption only.

Product Return Disclaimer

Kamkalp shall be responsible for the quality of products only purchased through authorised distributors. The company would not be responsible if buyer procures products from any other source apart from prescribed channel of company.

Disclaimer About Services

Courses provided here are divine, authentic and unique and have the potential to transform any ordinary person to an extraordinary person. But it entirely depends on participant’s Integrity and Devotion. The results of the courses may differ from person to person. Any student, parent or fellow participant of the course is advised not to compare the results (camps/workshop or class attendees) with any other participant. The information provided during our programs should not be given as medical advice and should not be used as a medical prescription for the needs of any participant. It should be used as an aid in their journey of personal growth. We never put any promises about any specific outcomes of our courses. The courses are intended for brain and skill development of an individual and are only taught for Educational purposes only. It does not have any connection with Academic performance or result of the participant of the course.

Website Disclaimer

The contents of this site are only for information purpose. Users are advised to rely on information posted herein for any purpose only after verification and confirmation of the same from authentic and authoritative sources. Neither Kamkalp Marketing Pvt. Ltd. nor the site developer is responsible for any consequences that may arise out of using such information without verification / confirmation. There may be time gap in internet/online posting/ transmission of information and availability of such information at browsers’ end. Exact status may be confirmed from source. For any query, suggestions regarding this website please contact at kamkalp@gmail.com No contents / portion of the contents, graphics, picture or presentation in this site may be used without explicit permission in writing from the author of this site. Usage of contents / parts thereof without verifiable and expressed permission from author or his authorized person will attract legal consequences.