Haritaki Powder

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“Hand grounded  to preserve all the nutrients”


Good for Skin and Acne Issues

Sureshot remedy for hair growth

Natural Rejuventor for face

Ayurvedic Detoxifier

Excellent for gums and teeth.


½ teaspoon for adults, before going to bed, with lukewarm water

¼ teaspoon for children, before going to bed, with lukewarm water

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4 reviews for Haritaki Powder

  1. Renu Madhukar

    It’s natural. It’s very effective in keeping gud intestine health. I really like this product. Thanks a lot

  2. Suva Lal Suthar

    स्वास्थ्य के लिए ओरिजनल और बहुत अद्भुत ।

  3. Amit vats

    Harit ani is good for stamch

  4. Amit vats

    Haritaki is made of harada it is booster for humen body, I use it many times whenni feel lethargic or problem in stomach

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